We will assist you in reaching your career milestones

Our career coach will work with you to identify what you enjoy doing, what motivates you and what you feel you're good at. We will also discuss your weaknesses and any obstacles preventing you from moving forward. We will assist you in developing goals and objectives and put achievable action plans in place to ensure you stay on track in achieving these milestones. Your coach will offer an objective perspective with the aim of providing clarity, structure, focus and motivation and initiating positive action with a clear goal in sight.

Career coaching will benefit anyone looking to make a change at any stage in their career, and for any number of reasons. If any of these scenarios are true to you, we can help:

  • You're looking for the next step in your career (or even your first step if you're a fresh graduate)
  • You're looking to return to work after being out of the working enviroment for a while (you might have taken time off to raise a family)
  • You would like to start your own business, but might be apprehensive about taking the plunge
  • You've had a change in circumstances (perhaps you've recently relocated)
  • You're not happy in your line of work or with your employer but you don't know how to go about making a change
  • You're looking for a better work-life balance
  • You're facing retrenchment
  • You would like to stay with your employer, but feel you need to make some changes in order to progress and improve your job satisfaction

For employers:

If you are an employer and would like to improve the morale and productivity of your staff through coaching, or perhaps you wish to assist some staff facing retrenchment, please contact us for a tailored quote.

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